Equality of the sexes… really?

I read an article that triggered my chain of thought….
let me first share the link :

Agree with some points and disagree with many…

First the disagreement :

I would love to tell my daughter that she is equal to a boy, That she can do whatever she wants and be whatever she likes, that she need not be afraid of anyone…. BUT the society we live in … I will be setting my daughter up for danger. Lets face it, we live in a society where females have to be careful… of everything and everyone. I always wanted to have a son… even when I was a small child… cause I felt that boys had all the fun… I was told to be careful and i WAS told about the dangers, and it did me good.

Girls may be achieving much more than boys, may be better at taking care of her family, but she is NOT YET EQUAL to boys… she has to be careful, and imposing some restrictions on her will help her in the long run.

What i Agree with :

If something does go wrong, then there is no way that the victim can be blamed. Victim blaming and shaming is just not done.

We wish for a society where our daughters can roam free and safe even at night, but that society is still a distant dream. So lets tell them to be careful while they follow their dreams, lets warn them of the dangers but be there for them should they fall.


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