I miss the days when it was about…..

stolen glances over computer tops,

deciding how best to speak,

heart racing when you approached,

sly smiles,

eye contact that lasted just a minute too long,

secret smiles at a joke only you two uderstood,

the slight brush of elbow while watching a movie,

noting each reaction to see what made her laugh at the movie,

going to a cafe for her to have coffee,

staying awake for 20 hours a day so you can spend those extra 2 hours together,

Morning maggie,

fingers tingling when you held hands,

Dreamy eyes watching life with rose tinted glasses,

listening to songs and feeling they were written for you,

bike rides in the rain when you could have taken the car,

… the thrills and innocence of youth


Joint family – A game of chess?

I recently had a chance to play chess and it made me think that playing chess is a must if you want to live in a joint family. Why? Well here are my reasons:

1. It teaches you to think ahead. You MUST think of what step you can safely take and what the other may do next.

2. It shows you to recognise and move within your limitations. EG : The elephant can not move diagonally and the Sipahi can only cut diagonally.

3. Always keep a strong front and do not move all your “Sipahies”

4. Sometimes to keep yourself safe, it is important to take a step back.

5. If you don’t think ahead, you can be beaten up and out of the game in a matter of minutes.

6. The King can be brought down even by a small Sipahi.

and last but not the least … The queen is all powerful 😉

Feel free to add your own thoughts and similarities….


PS: I thought that may be it is not just joint family but all relationships.. but a part of me still wants to believe that there are some relations that need not be as complicated as chess….