Should I just let him be?

We have been trying to get Akul to sleep in his own bed rather than with me. We put him in his bed and he explores it excitedly for a few minutes… Then he looks at me and comes rushing to his comfort zone and cuddled with me to sleep…

I try to be stern with him and firmly put him back in his own bed and instantly feel guilty about it…. Here is a one year old who needs me to feel secure and comfortable… after another two- three years he will be refusing to be hugged. And here I am trying to make him “Independent”. Should I let him be and enjoy this one year old’s sloppy kisses and give in to his demands of being held and carried around and cuddled to sleep?

Why is it that we are always in a hurry for things to happen… When you come to know that you are having a baby, you just want it in your arms… the nine month wait feels like a total waste…. we forget to enjoy those moments and keep waiting for it to be born… The day it is born, we wait for it to grow just a bit so it can hold up his head… then sit, and stand and then walk…. Along comes the speech… and you keep trying to get him to say ma-ma, pa-pa, da-da, na-na…. what about enjoying this time when he is not saying anything and still expressing himself through his actions? Why are we in a hurry to make him learn colours or solve puzzles or write? Why are we always trying to run in a rat-race where every one year old seems like a competitor to your child…

why can we not let them be and let them learn things at their own pace… let him enjoy crawling before he wants to walk… let him babble before he learns to talk… let him cuddle with me and sleep before he wants to be left alone in his own room…


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