Keep it simple silly

Lately I have been observing Americans and what they do, how they behave and how they like things. I wanted to share my thoughts about it.. I am not saying all they do is good or all is bad. All I am doing is sharing my thoughts.

I am beginning to think that Americans like to keep things simple – The sun should rise around 6 AM and set around 6 PM. So if that doesn’t happen, they change their clocks accordingly ( That’s the only explanation for DST I could think of) !

Have you seen Americans driving? And have you ever seen an American in India? The look on their faces when they see Indian driving is that of total horror! I used to laugh about it but now I totally get it. Here every one moves in lanes.. and they would rather drive an extra mile than take a last-minute lane change risk! I guess that is because your wife will not have a chance to look out the window and say ” Honey, look at the great mangoes! Please stop here so I can buy some!”

When we see someone on the road, we slow down the car but keep crawling so that once the road is clear or if the person/cow/dog is out of the way, we can simply zoom past. Not here dear friends. If they see anyone on the road, they will stop their cars and wait for you to cross almost 5 feet away from where you are. They sure have patience, I’ll give them that!

Americans are very very courteous. I think I say or hear more “Thank you” and “sorry” in a day than I woud use in a month in India! 🙂 They would hold the door open for you, wait till you are done than try to sneak a way to grab a spoon that is near you.

It is interesting how they still think that people in India do not use electricity! As if we complete our masters studying under candle light!

A storm hit Northern New york and they were out of electricity for 2 days! They news featured people complaining that they had to live in their houses without electricity at 40 degree F. I quote ” No one should have to live in such conditions”.  When I informed them that in India we don’t use “central AC/heater” and it is quite normal for us to do without furnaces even at 37 degree F ( 1 Degree C), the look of horror on their faces was priceless!

Ok I admit it is more comfortable to live here with temperature at just the right setting for you. You can wear ANYTHING at home irrespective of the temperature outside..

We are told that Americans don’t use the horn. What they mean is that they don’t use it as much as we do. We use a horn every 10 seconds of our driving, while they use it once in an hour of their driving. And NO it is doesn’t mean that they are abusing, it is for the SAME reason as ours–  to let the other person know that we are there!

I knew that Americans like their privacy and respect yours, but I was very sad to see that even your mother was supposed to call you before coming to meet you. You can’t just show up at anyone’s doorstep and expect them to be happy to see you- no not even your mother!

While some of my inital impressions about Americans have grown stronger into an opinion, others have dissolved  to become misconceptions. I have enjoyed my stay in America so far, but I will admit, I’ll rather go back and live in India where I know I belong and where everyday is not spent learning or understanding the behaviour of my fellow beings. I know what behaviour is acceptable in India and I don’t have to think twice about it. I am sure if my kids grew up in America, they would be more comfortable than I would be.

There may be a lot of things inIndia that need improvement but there are a lot of things that work as well! For one – I like to be able to go see my family anytime I want!