Thoughts after Delhi Belly

So I watched the much talked about movie – Delhi Belly. My thoughts on and after that movie – Nice movie that could easily be made much cleaner. I mean do you really need to hear an abuse every 2 minutes in the movie? No. Fine you want to show the “real” world where the son of a rich father stays in a house whose roof falls off! But even in the real world do we really abuse THAT much? The movie should leave an impression on you based on the story it tells, but all I remember of that movie are the abuses.

I don’t know about you but I come from a family where abuses are not so common. Frankly I have not heard my father use the MC BC MF abuse EVER. His biggest abuse (that he used in front of us kids) was “ullu ka patha” and “Gadhe ka bachcha”. So you can well imagine what hell broke loose when I started using the F word in college. Everyone abuses, alright but for us sexual abuse were unheard of. Even today I can not get myself to say the MC BC words and use the abbreviation if I ever need to make its reference like I just did.

I too abuse, not at home but when I drive. And even then I stick to the ullu idiot type of abuses – harmless right! Well no not really, cause I realised that my 3-year-old can easily pick those up. And I can not even begin to describe how I feel about a child using abuses. I dislike it, no I hate it… no actually I feel so disgusted with the idea of a child abusing that I can’t go further on that topic. So imagine my horror when I realised that, unknowingly, I had taught my daughter an abuse.. not the ullu gadha type .. but (i am guessing ) a sexual one … Let us face it ..Bhaag Bhaag is a catchy song.. and I had NO IDEA that DK Bose was an abuse. One could hear me and Nia sing that song quite often.. yes.. laugh all you want.. but when someone told me it was an abuse I was horrified. The efforts I had to put in NOT to sing that song and also to make Nia stop singing…. Every now and then we hear it being played somewhere and start humming it. But now I am particular to skip the abusing bit.

So back to the movie Delhi Belly .. Why so many abuses in one movie? I quite like the movie but I would have liked it better if it was cleaner.

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