The purpose of life …

Caught in the daily routine of life, we tend to forget what life is all about. But there are days when we sit down and wonder, what is the purpose of our lives? Is it to earn money and provide for the kids? Is it to enjoy the moment and spend lavishly to buy happiness? No one really knows, and I am no sage, but here are my two cents —

The purpose of life is to be happy. Yes, it is as simple as that.


We haven’t been sent here to suffer. On the contrary, we are here to be happy. So whatever you do, is to be happy. We learn things as a child, our first step is taken and we get applauded. We made our parents happy and we are happy. We study hard, get to a good college and then a good job… all so that we can earn well and live comfortably.

Yes, we were sent to this earth to be happy. But today if I am going to be happy by spending all my money on food and clothes, should I do that? No, cause if I do that how will I be happy tomorrow? So I am going to redefine the purpose of life.. It is to be happy today and tomorrow. Our aim should be long-term happiness. Am I going to be happy today by spending lavishly but at the same time, saving some for tomorrow? Sure why not, chances are that I will just as happy as I would have been had I spent all my money.

Similar rule applies to all aspects of our life. At any point when you start feeling sad and lonely, you should try to think what would make you happy and then do it. But remember, happy not just today but in the long term as well. Someone would say, what if what would make me happy would make someone else sad? Well, the answer is: how important is that person for you? I am not saying that you should make yourself happy at all costs. If what you do, puts someone else in a loss or hurts someone, then how can it be a long-term happiness? And if that person is very important to you, then his/her happiness will affect your happiness as well. So doing something that will make him sad can not make you happy in the long-term.

May be an example will make it clearer. Today I want to party, all through the night, get drunk and have not a care in this world. I feel that will make me happy. But there are people who get effected by this – my husband and my kids. My husband will not be happy if I get drunk and my kids will feel abandoned if I am partying through the night. Sure I would have been happy today if I went for that party, but tomorrow when I come back, I would see my family who got effected. Would I be happy then? No, I don’t think so. So, I balance it out. I go for the party, enjoy and dance to my heart’s content ( or in my case till I have the stamina) and then head home to my family. I am happy and so is my family.

I am not sure how many of you agree or even see sense in what I wrote, but I still feel : The purpose of life is to be happy, today and tomorrow but always keeping your priorities in mind.


2 responses to “The purpose of life …

    • Nope .. see you don’t get it.. its not about living for someone… it is about keeping happy. If it means making ur family happy as well then so be it. Whatever u do.. as long as you are happy then you are doing fine 🙂

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