It was a Saturday

“What time is it?” wondered Shruti as she opened her eyes in the morning. It was 6 AM. She still had another hour before she really had to get up. “Or I could get up and get some household work done while Yana sleeps” thought Shruti. At 7:30 she tried to wake up Sid, “Utho, you’ll get late for office”.  ” You are the only wife who likes to send her husband to work on a saturday” exclaimed a sleepy Sid. ” Oh its saturday! I am sorry. Go to sleep” replied Shruti. ” Darn, the househelp would come in late as well. And I have already prepared lunch! Why am I so forgetful? Why did I not realise it is Saturday?” Yana woke up and Shruti got busy bathing, feeding and playing with her daughter. She adored her. Her world revolved around her. When Sid woke up they had breakfast. “Let’s go out today. There are some fantastic sales. Even Mark and Spenser has 70% off” said Shruti. “Shruti, I don’t like to go out every weekend. You do realise that I go out everyday and would like a day to sit at home” replied Sid, “I know you like to go out on weekends cause you are home the whole week. But let’s go tomorrow. Ok?” “Fine, achcha the computer isn’t working again, have a look at it, ok?” and she settled down with Yana and finishing the household chores.

“Who is ringing the bell at this unearthly hour?”, Ruchi said rubbing her eyes, yawning. It’s just 3:30 PM but its Saturday.. I could have slept a bit more. She opened the door. It was Shanti. Ummmm … I could still snooze a bit. ‘Baby .. Baby utho… Khana bana diya hai, kha lo…’ Shanti said. ‘Hmmm theek hai Shanti’ “Uth jao baby, 4:30 ho gaye hain… ” “Are Shanti, Saturday Sunday late aaya karo na” ‘ Ab iss se late kya aaon baby. Ghar pahunchte hoe 5 baj jaye ge”. “Achcha theek hai, kya banaya hai?” “Aallo beans” “uff achcha kal kuch achcha bannana, yeh lo Rs. 20 kal ki sabhji le aana.” “Kal ke liye rajma le aao, raat ko bhigo dena. Aur haan maggi bhi khatam hai. Le aana. Ab mein jati hoon” Uhhh the house was clean, food cooked, she really could just get up eat, get ready and be out of the house in another hour. OR she could sleep.

It was 5PM when Shruti woke up from her afternoon nap. Sid was washing the car. He loves the car, the TV and his computer more than me, smiled Shruti. Oh isn’t that what every housewife thinks? Anyways let me call Ruchi. It has been a while since I met her and she is just a few kilometers away. She remembered when Ruchi was in college and came over  every other day to Shruti’s bachelor pad as they called it. They were very close then. Yes, I’ll ask her to come over today.

The phone rang. Huh what??? Hello… “you are still sleeping?” cried her mother, “it’s almost 6PM”. ” Oh hi mum, yeah I felt like sleeping”, said Ruchi.  ” You really should get up now, didn’t Shanti come today?”, Mother asked. ” She did, cleaned the house, cooked and left” ” You know you really shouldn’t trust maids like this. You should keep an eye on her”, advised mom. “Mummy, what’s the point? It’s not like I have any valuables. Infact I don’t own a thing here. Not even a frying pan. My purse and clothes are locked in the cupboard. What will she steal? Maggi?” “still..” began her mother but Ruchi cut her short. “Mom I have to go get maggi.. I better get ready now.” ” Are, we speak once in a week and you can’t even spare 5 minutes for your mother? You didn’t even ask me how me and your father are?” ” Mum I am sure everyone is ok. Besides, you know my routine. If I call you at night you are asleep. And at this time everyday I am too busy at work. You know how it is mum.” ” Yes dear I know. One day you will realise that you take us for granted. Achcha talk to Shruti today. Don’t forget.” “Moooommmm, Shruti will insist on meeting”, she cribbed. “So what is wrong with that. She is your sister. You used to idolize her not so long ago” “Cousin,” she put in,” and I used to idolize her cause she was working, on her own, living a dream life when I was still in college. Now she is married and all she talks about is her baby. I like that baby, she is cute, but do I HAVE to listen to EVERYTHING she does?” “Hmm one day you will understand , but today you call her and talk to her, Promise!” ” Ok mom.. the things I do for you Bye… Love you”.

Ruchi wasn’t a CEO or even a manager in the company she worked for, but she was good at what she did and more importantly, she was happy with what she did. She liked her schedule even if no one around her understood it. She got up, called Shruti and as expected they made a program to meet.

Okieeee, shopping done and Shruti is about 10 minutes away, time to get some coffee. Ummmm nothing like a cold coffee with lots of chocolate.  Uh, there is Shruti. Hmm check out her new car. Sid really does pamper her. Well I am happy for her. ‘Heyyy Hiiii how have you been” she said hugging Shruti. ” I am good, sorry got a little late, Yana vomited all over me just as I was getting out of the house”, exclaimed Shruti, ” are nahi I changed before I came”, she continued on seeing her expressions and eagerness to get out of the hug. Ruchi grinned. “are yeh kya? Why waste Rs 100 on cold coffee. Ghar pe Sid isse achchi coffee pila deta”, said Shruti.  ” yeah right” Ruchi said. “What’s all this you have Ruchi? Maggi? It’s not healthy you know. Anyways you could have gone to big bazzar rather than shopping at City Centre. You get good deals there and City centre is just costly” Ruchi laughed and then realised in horror that Shruti was serious. ” God Shruti, what happened to you? I didn’t even think of the cost. I wanted it and I bought it. Isn’t that what you used to do?” “Uh yes, but that was 5 years ago. Today I think before I spend. Even with groceries I try to figure out where I can save.” replied Shruti as they headed to her house and family.

It was 10 PM when Shruti dropped her home. She had a good time at Shruti’s house. Yana was adorable except for her diaper disaster. Sid was sweet as always. She liked meeting them. But now she was late for that party. Ruchi called Shaily and arranged for her to pick her up. She got ready as soon as she could and headed for the new clubhouse in Saket where they danced the night away. Yes it was a typical Saturday for Ruchi, and she loved every bit of it.

Shruti put Yana down in her cot for the night. Hmm it was a good day. She enjoyed Ruchi’s company. Sid was watching TV when she cuddled up with him to watch a movie. Yes it was a typical Saturday for Shruti and she loved every bit of it.

By the way.. You might have already guessed, Shruti and Ruchi are both me, just 6 years apart 🙂

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  1. Another die hard fan of Chetan Bhagat…. anyways good one…Its two faces of life … its all about marriage and its about NO U Turn…:)

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